Pipeline construction

Vaktec is uitstekend thuis in de wereld van verbindingen, netwerken, installaties voor water, energie en petrochemie
VAKTEC employees are currently hard at work on pipelines and station projects in the Oil and Gas industry. These include small-diameter (12-inch) and larger diameter (56-inch) pipelines for gas, water and oil, as well as a small gas receiving station, up to the construction of a large compressor station.

VAKTEC employees with a wide range of education and training work in leadership positions or in specialist functions.



A.Hak, VSHANAB, DeNys, Ghizonni, Bholen & Doyen, BAM L&I



Gasunie, BP, Shell, GRTgaz (France), Net4gas (Czech Republic), Fluxys (Belgium) and the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM)



VAKTEC employees fill the following positions in the pipeline construction industry:

  • Project leaders
  • Technicians
  • QA/QC employees and HSE employees
  • Pipe fitters
  • Certified welders (manual and automated)
  • Insulation fitters
  • Earth workers, grinders and assembly technicians
  • Testers

Recent activities

Up to late 2014, VAKTEC will be working on the underground gas storage facility of the NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij). They are working hard to create extra capacity to store gas and to re-start production. This is necessary because the pressure in the Groningen gas field Slochteren is slowly decreasing, and as the weather gets colder we can expect that more gas will be withdrawn from the storage area.


From 2008 to 2014, VAKTEC employees were also closely involved in the work on the North-South Route. This project by GASUNIE is a major expansion of the gas distribution network, with more than 500 kilometres of pipelines.


Starting in 2013, VAKTEC employees were active in the Gasunie Network Improvement Program (GNIP), renovating the regional gas distribution network. This involved replacing valve diagrams and adjustments to the measurement and regulating stations and the gas receiving stations (GRS). This work took place throughout the Netherlands.


If you are looking for a challenging career in pipeline construction?